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Publications by Patrick Joseph

Something Big 1 Mini comic, packed with cassette single by Louisville, KY band, Something Big. 1989.

Dirty café 1-6 This anthology was a mini comic blending bad poetry and early comics efforts. Issue 5 was released as an 8 page comic, and a 1 sheet to protest the Gulf War in 1990. Mitch McConnell's secretary was given a copy. Issue 6 includes collaborations with the late Christina Casey Rumbaugh, and Bryan Miller. 1989-1991.

Dogma, White, and Dumb Ass are a trio of one shot 8 page mini comics. Dogma is humor, White is about sexual trauma, and Dumb Ass is a tribute to Roy Tompkins. 1992-1995.

Slacknuts. This satire of a popular comic strip featuring a group of kids and a precocious dog was Patrick's first full-length comic book. 20 page booklet, multiple printings. 1995.

Pig Sty 1-6. This free weekly mini-comic was written, drawn, published, and distributed every Tuesday night for 6 weeks. It was an experiment in shock, and was a reaction to the kindness of Bone. A biker/bartender friend compared it to S. Clay Wilson's Captain Pissgums. The series was collected in a 4.25"X11" inch booklet as Big Sty. 1995.

999 1. This effort at an ongoing anthology lasted 1 issue. The first chapter of the unfinished "Hectic Engine" is serialized here. Of note are the short pieces about tiki music and other trivialities. Cover by Kim Oliver. 1995.

Mondo Simian with Justin Colussy-Estes​. This 100 page mini graphic novel was intended to launch our fortunes at APE in Bethesda, MD. The book was professionally published, featured 2 covers, and was picked up from the printers on September 12, 2001.

Pornocopia collected a trio of non-fiction stories about sex and sexuality that appeared in Shiot Crock and Rage to Explain. A longer work about porn shop culture, cruising, and Texas sex toy laws under this title was planned but remains unfinished. 2004.


DRUNK was created as a recovery diary that tracked my first 90 days sober after many years of alcoholism. At 180 pages, it remains a potent and honest work about addiction. Drunk is a Xeric Award losing book, and was not published by Top Shelf. 2005.

Epoch collected 3 works that were all created while frequenting an Austin coffee shop of the same name. The Goat Man looks at a true story about Louisville's most famous cryptid. Sunday is a reflection on finding love and being a step-parent. NOW is reprinted with updated lettering and panel borders. 2007.

AKA is a full-length digitally produced comic. It was not intended for print, so if you see it, the dpi was designed for web. The story explains why a straight white man has had 3 last names in under 40 years. Written and drawn by Patrick whatsizname. 2008. 

Hectic Engine is a DVD that contains PDF copies of most of the above works. If I had a DVD player attached to any computer in this house, I'd be uploading all of it. It's probably on an old backup. Give me some time to find that. 2008.


Rage to Explain 1 Non-fiction anthology edited by Justin Colossi-Estes. Issue 1 featured true tales of sexuality. My contribution featured a deep look into gay male cruising culture in the dwindling age of adult book stores. 2004. 

Shiot Crock 4, 5, 6, 7. This communal comic anthology originated in the early-2000s Comics Journal message boards. Editors included Justin Colussy-Estes, Brian Maruca, and Patrick Joseph among others. Issue 4 features the true story "120 Minutes of Sodom." In #5 Bryan Miller and I collaborated on a post-modern Frankenstein tale "Artistic Process". Issue 6 features a look at the death of Joan Vollmer in "I Murdered Joan". Issue 7 was edited by me, and features "Fellow Traveler", an early photo/digital comic with design and process contributions by Stan Baker. 2002-2005.

24 Hour Comic Book Day Highlights 2004, 2005. Patrick Joseph's story "NOW" appeared in the 2004 volume, with a brief excerpt of "Koko and Vandal" appearing in the 2005 volume.  Edited by Nat Gertler/About Comics. 2005, 2006.

Other Media

Hero Illustrated 24: Spot illustration jam piece by Dave Sim, Gerhard, Steve Bissette, Steven Connolly, Paul Pope, Justin Colussy-Estes, and Patrick Joseph. Illustrated article about the Spirits of Independence tour's Columbus stop. The drawing was completed in Dave Sim's hotel room. Gerhard liked the rocks. 1995.

Subliminal Tattoos - Gen-X culture magazine had a spotlight article on the Spirits of Independence tour. The magazine included the 1 page version of Dogma from 999 #1. 1995. 

Allen Ginsburg - Audio engineer for a 7" single of Ginsburg reading "Sunflower Sutra"at the University of Louisville as a part of Ron Whitehead's poetry series. Stone Ax Records, 1994.

Laurence Ferlinghetti - Audio engineer for 7" single of Ferlinghetti reading at the University of Louisville as a part of Ron Whitehead's poetry series. Stone Ax Records, 1995. 

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